During the Annual Pantheons Meeting, the gods of the Dead just look for a corner away from sunlight and bitch about people. 

I’m not entirely sure about how this happened, but Hades and Anubis might be my new brotp. 

#on wednesdays we wear black

this is flawless and I need to hug whoever drew it

I can dig this Brotp omg 

oh gdi i really want to watch gundam wing again it’s been almost twenty years





I wanna see pictures of your lowest moment from 2013 go

I was in a Toy Story play.


And I loved it.


You’re an inspiration to us all

please explain how this was your lowest point



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Muggleborn students at Hogwarts (part 1/?)

i’m having a pretty shitty week. like… i don’t want to complain, so it’s under the cut because i feel bad whining anywhere else but this is my blog so…

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Hey Sarah, do you think the writers or producers ever come on Tumblr or look at fanfiction to see our thoughts or ideas. And maybe even use them for an idea of their own? I'd love to see their reactions though! lol :)


hahah no, i don’t think they do. i think they appreciate that we appreciate the show that much, but MRJ basically once said in an interview that if you open that door, you never close it. You start getting all these different perspectives in your head and all these other ideas that interfere with the original vision, so you just have to stay true to that. 

Personally, I’m glad it’s kept separate. 

I think there’s actually some potential legal issues with creators reading fanfic of their work-in-progress? Like, if they do get an idea from a fic and it makes it onto the show, the author could technically sue for royalties — although it would be a bitch to prove that the idea came from the fic author first, and you’d need a damn good lawyer to win that case — and that’s a hassle that the producers don’t want to deal with. So I don’t think the writers are allowed to read fanfiction, even if they wanted to.

I’m not a lawyer (obviously), but I remember Cleolinda making a statement to this effect back on LJ, she had to tell people not to send her any emails with their ideas or scripts because that would open her up to a possible lawsuit if she used similar ideas or lines, even if she didn’t actually get the idea/quote from a fan, and I think it’s sort of the same issue — basically, “better safe than sorry,” even though the likelihood of a case like that actually going anywhere against ABC is slim. It would just be a huge headache for the producers, so I don’t think they allow it.

Why do you think it's unacceptable for benedict cumberbatch to play strange, just out of curiosity?


  1. i refuse to let benedict cumberbatch in the mcu
  2. why cast a white guy when you could not do that
  3. butawhiteguy cantplaykhan is a perfectly acceptable and talented actor but i do not want him anywhere near marvel because i saw what the sherlock fans did to the hobbit
  4. why cast a five pound sack of flour when you could cast oded fehr


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